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Canna Gigantea Poster

Canna gigantea poster

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Canna gigantea poster by Botany_Boy
Canna gigantea poster
Canna gigantea by Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840). from Les Liliacea. This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.


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Vintage Seed Catalog, Pink Canna

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Vintage Seed Catalog, Pink Canna by yesterdaysgirl

This image is very old and  extremely beautiful. It has been lovingly retouched and enhanced for printing while keeping to the authenticity of the original piece. However, it continues to truly show its age, and, to many, this adds charm. There are some wrinkles, stains and tears that were purposely left behind, for it couldn’t really keep the same warm feel that a pristine retouching job would have brought. Appreciate the flaws and see the subtle extra umph that is present in  these stunning antique seed catalogue covers and seed packs. If you love all things floral and antique, these enhancements do add to the printing quality of your product and will continue to bring you joy every time you look at the art. This is a preservation of a true piece of old Americana at its most lovely.

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The Canna

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The Canna Poster by JGKoch

“The Canna” by Joy G. Koch is a portrait of a beautiful red canna lilly in full bloom. Copyright 2006, acrylic on canvas. Original painting for sale at jgkoch.com

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